Terms and Conditions

This document can be modified if you want so.

In accessing, navigating and using My Room Escape website you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions, including the Privacy Statement. The pages on this website, its content, its structure, its infrastructure and the online room escapes reservation service offered by this website are property and are managed and supplied by My Room Escape.

The content of this website is destined only and exclusively to its Registered Users and the Hosts that collaborate with My Room Escape.

Any other use by any third party will be considered inappropriate and with a view of prosecuting and /or taking civil proceedings.


By using this website, My Room Escape provides an online platform where the Hosts offer their services and the Users can make their reservations.

By making a reservation through My Room Escape website, a contract relationship is settled and is legally binding with the Room Escape Host with whom the User has made the reservation.

From the moment when the User makes a reservation on, My Room Escape works only as an intermediary between the User and the Host, by providing any reservation data given by the user to the Host, and by sending confirmation e-mail to the user.

The information about the Room Escapes that you can find on our website is only provided by the Room Escape Host, that is why My Room Escape is not responsible for any increase on the price, availability changes and any other information modified on the website.

Although My Room Escape tries to give the most accurate service, we cannot guarantee that the Host-provided information is up-to-date, exact, complete or correct, due to the managing of the information we said before. That is why the Room Escape Host is responsible on the accuracy, precision and correction of the information appearing in My Room Escape website according to the description of the game as well as the price list and availability.

My Room Escape does not takes responsibility for any mistakes in the description, service interruptions due to a possible server downfall for repairs or updates, neither for sharing imprecise, misleading or false information by the Hosts.

Our services have exclusively personal purposes, so the resale of reservations, deep-links and copying and/or reproducing any content of the website, the information, the software, the products or the services given are not permitted without the express consent of the owner of this website.

Price List

All the prices given include the VAT and any other taxes that must be included in the final price in this kind of activity.

The User is recommended to consult thoroughly all the data of the Room Escape as well as the price list before making the reservation, so the User is aware of the exact conditions they are purchasing.

The manifest errors (as well as typing errors) are not binding in this contract.

The entire special offers and promotions are shown as such.

Privacy and cookies

My Room Escape respects the privacy of their Users and Hosts. Consult our Privacy and Cookies Policy to obtain further information.

Price of the service

The service My Room Escape provides is free for the Users, because they are not charged for the service and adds no extra fee to the price of the Room Escapes the Hosts are offering.

In order to offer their services, My Room Escape establishes a Provision of Services Agreement with the Room Escape Host that must be accepted by both parts as to establish the commercial relationship.

Credit Card

The payment of the Room Escape is processed safely and is done through a payment gateway REDSYS so the reservation will be immediately confirmed.

Cancellation Policy

When making a reservation, the User accepts that the reservation will be non-refundable. In case of not being able to attend the reserved session it is recommended that the User contact the Host to try to agree on a favorable game session for both. If such parties can not reach agreement the money will not be refunded for any special circumstances.

Additional Mailing

The user agrees to receive a My Room Escape e-mail confirming the reservation made satisfyingly, containing information concerning the terms of the reservation. Eventually, the User could receive also e-mail from the Host of the Room Escape of their choice.

Also, the User will be receiving an e-mail with a satisfaction form for them to fill.

Ranking and comments

The ranking of the Room Escape commerce which the User can have access will be determined by their choice in the drop-down menu that will be customizable according to the User’s interests.

When selecting the item “Recommended” an order suggested by My Room Escape will appear. The “Recommended” ranking is created by default through an automatic classifying system (algorithm) and based upon different criteria.

The User can also obtain information from the different Room Escapes before making the reservation by reading the comments that other Users have posted.

The comments of the different Room Escapes can be seen in the information site for the commerce, and their aim is to share with other Users any opinion about the Room Escapes’ service and quality.

My Room Escape reserves the right to reject or delete the comments with improper content.

Exception of responsibility

According to the restrictions exposed in this Terms and Conditions and also according to the law, My Room Escape will only take responsibility for direct damages attributable to their management referring their services and up to the totality of the cost of the reservation made, as it is said in the confirmation e-mail (due to single or multiple causes).

My Room Escape does not take responsibility for the mistakes related with the description of the Room Escape made by the Hosts, including information referring prices, availability or the website rankings. Neither party shall be liable to the other for any failure to perform any obligation, being Hosts or Users, under any Agreement which is due to an event beyond the control of such party including but not limited to any Act of God, terrorism, war, Political insurgence, insurrection, riot, civil unrest, act of civil or military authority, uprising, earthquake, flood or any other natural or man made eventuality outside of our control. My Room Escape neither takes responsibility for any intentional misconduct, omissions, breech of agreement or mistaken representation, including any of the employees, CEOs, staff, agents and managers.

Corporate Taxation

Once the User and the Host have formalized the Room Escape payment, they both take acceptance that the Room Escape booked is responsible for the tax collection, withholding, sending and payment, leaving My Room Escape free of that responsibility, not being recipient nor sender for the referred payment.

Image Rights

The Host will be allowed to upload pictures or other images from their Room Escapes to My Room Escape website, committing and guaranteeing the possession of the copyright of those pictures. By doing so, My Room Escape is authorised to use the picture in the website and in other promotional material that My Room Escape might consider appropriate, and committing to make a good use of them. The Host guarantees My Room Escape non-exclusive, universal, irreversible, inconditional and permanent rights, as well as the license to use, reproduce, show, distribute, re-license, communicate and facilitate the pictures/images the way My Room Escape consider appropriate. The person who submits the image will assume the authenticity, legitimacy and rights of use of every picture posted, in any case being My Room Escape responsible.

My Room Escape does not own or endorse any of the pictures/images submitted. The Host that has provided them guarantees that they do not contain any virus, Trojan or infected files, as well as any pornographic, illegal, obscene, offensive, censurable or inappropriate materials, and that they do not infringe the intellectual property, copyright or privacy rights of third parts.

My Room Escape will remove every picture/image that presents a breach of the referred requirements in any moment and without advance notice.

Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise indicated, the software required for the website operation and their associate services, as well as any other software that may be used on the website, the intellectual property rights, including copyright, and the audiovisual materials of our website are property of My Room Escape.

My Room Escape reserves exclusively the property of all the rights, name and intellectual property concerning the website, structure, the customers’ comments and their content, so nobody but My Room Escape has the permission to copy, collect, link to, publish, promote, selling, integrate, use, combine or use the content (including the translations and the users’ commentaries) or the brand My Room Escape without expressive permission and a written communication.

If a third party is owner of any intellectual property for contents, images or comments published, they agree and hereby give all the rights to My Room Escape.

Any improper use or contravention of the referred normative will constitute an infringement of our intellectual property rights (including copyright and database rights) that could be initiating legal actions.


My Room Escape reserves the right to modify the content of this Disclaimer in order to update statements about law.

This General Conditions are under the Spanish law. Any disagreement or controversy that can be caused by this Disclaimer will be under the responsibility and competencies of the Barcelona Court.

If any of this terms and conditions is or becomes invalid or not binding after a court decision, the User will be by all means under the acceptance of the rest of the items exposed. Were that to occur, the invalid disposition will have to be made up to the maximum permitted by the law, and there will be an acceptance of similar effects of those invalid, according to the content and the aim of this terms and conditions.

The personal information gathered from the registered users will be saved in our database, guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of any information according to the Organic Law 15/1999 of Personal Data Protection, December 13th, and further legislation.

About My Room Escape

The website is incorporated under the Spain law, having its offices at Freser 59, 08026 Barcelona. Our registration number is 47916182Y under the name of Jaime Vaquero Gutiérrez.